Power of Helpful Thinking: How Attitude Affects Weight Loss

You may be thinking, how can my thoughts influence my weight? Interestingly our thinking plays a significant role in our ability to lose weight and may be the missing link to successful weight loss.

Constant unhelpful thoughts can make losing weight challenging or even impossible. Continually criticising yourself every time you eat the “wrong” foods or approaching your exercise session with dread, results in self-defeating behaviours such as overeating, quitting your dietary plan, or skipping your planned exercise. These unhelpful thought patterns leave you feeling powerless, depressed and unmotivated, sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Alternatively, it is helpful to tune into how you are thinking and feeling, and change any unhelpful thoughts into more helpful ones. Challenging unhelpful thinking can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals faster, by empowering you, increasing your self-esteem and improving your motivation to maintain healthy choices and weight loss.

Is unhelpful thinking your missing link?

At weightless we recommend you regularly tune into your thinking and feeling. In our program we assist you in changing your unhelpful thinking to more helpful thinking to promote weight loss.




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