Is Exercising in 10min Blocks Just as Effective as Longer Periods?

We all know that exercise is essential in managing our weight, maintaining our health and
reducing our levels of stress. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests
that adults need a minimum of about five 30-minute sessions (total of 150 minutes per
week) of moderate-intensity (e.g. brisk walking, heavy gardening) aerobic exercise per
week. This can be reduced to 75 minutes per week for high-intensity aerobic exercise
(e.g. running, jumping rope). This is the recommended minimum amount of exercise and
achieving more than this will offer further benefits and may also result in significant
weight loss, if combined with a low-calorie, portion-controlled eating plan.

Finding time to exercise with busy schedules, however, can often be a challenge.
Exercising for 30 minutes straight may simply not be realistic, and stressing about not
getting time to exercise just adds pressure to an already busy schedule. A landmark
study published in 2001, concluded that short, 10-minute exercise sessions had a similar
result as one long session when it comes to both aerobic fitness and weight loss.
Therefore, for general health, you can break that 30 minutes up into more manageable
10-minute blocks and still gain huge benefits. Try adding a 10-minute walk before your
morning shower, and then add another 10-minute walk at lunchtime, around your office
building or outdoors. After dinner, you could then add another 10-minute walk with your
family or a friend. Steal small blocks of time where you can for great results.

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