Weightless Coaching

Weightless Weight Loss Coaching – An Easy Approach to Weight Loss

By Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Clinical Psychologist, Exercise Scientist

STOP dieting and take control with Weightless. Get into the best shape of your life, with a tailored weight loss solution that has proven success.

Weightless offers the best in online weight loss coaching and individualised support from leading professionals in the weight loss industry. At Weightless we understand that weight loss is complex, and unlike many other programs, that offer coaching by only one health professional, Weightless provides you with coaching from leading health professionals across three different areas of scientific expertise. At Weightless we have a unique focus on psychology and the link between mind and body, which allows you to overcome the barriers to weight loss and achieve your goals. Psychology, is often the missing link to successful long term weight loss and absent from many other weight loss programs. You can also check in with your coaches, and get feedback and support to boost your progress and keep the weight off.

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