Lose weight – Relax your Body, Calm your Mind: Be Weightless

If you are often stressed or worried this could be promoting weight gain. Research shows that stress is a major cause of weight gain and therefore there is good reason to relax. Calming your mind and practicing relaxation may be the missing link to achieving your weight loss goals.

How does stress affect body weight?

  • You just may eat more when you’re stressed, looking for quick comfort foods which are often high in energy and low in nutrients.
  • Chronic stress increases cortisol levels in the blood. Cortisol is a hormone which raises your blood glucose and causes fat cells to increase. Consistently high levels of cortisol will promote weight gain, particularly around your middle. High cortisol levels also affect hunger and fullness hormones, further promoting weight gain.

At weightless we recommend you include regular relaxation techniques to promote a healthy mind state. In our program we use a range of different strategies to calm your mind and relax your body to promote weight loss.

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