Is sitting really that bad for your health and weight?

It is well understood that physical activity is important for good health and weight loss, irrespective of age, gender or body weight. The evidence shows that living an active lifestyle significantly reduces weight and the risk of disease and death. It also improves quality of life.


However, even if the current physical activity guidelines, of one hour of exercise a day, are being met , there are still many hours of the day that are likely to be allocated to sedentary behavior, this is activities such as sitting (e.g. working on a computer, watching TV, driving) or lying down. There is an ever growing body of evidence which indicates that extended sedentary behaviour (e.g. sitting) is very detrimental to health, even for those individuals who are lean and slender, and are generally physically active.


There is good news though! Research suggests that just breaking up sitting time and walking at a relaxed pace is enough to rapidly reverse the metabolic damage related to extended sedentary behaviour. The evidence is clear that the amount of time spent sitting should be limited. If sitting for extended periods of time is required throughout your day, it is important to break the sedentary behaviour whenever possible. Studies show that breaking sitting every 20 minutes can assist with weight loss and as well as the health benefits.


Let’s get up and moving!

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