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STOP dieting and take control with Weightless. Weightless can assist you to get into the best shape of your life, with a tailored weight loss solution that has proven success.

At Weightless we have over 20 years combined experience in the weight loss industry and have assisted thousands of clients just like you to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain their success.

Weightless offers the best in online weight loss coaching and individualised support from leading professionals in the weight loss industry. At Weightless we understand that weight loss is complex, and unlike many other programs, that offer coaching by only one health professional, Weightless provides you with coaching from leading health professionals across three different areas of scientific expertise. This includes an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Clinical Psychologist, and Exercise Scientist. At Weightless we have a unique focus on psychology and the link between mind and body, which allows you to overcome the barriers to weight loss and achieve your goals and maintain your weight loss

Weightless is weight loss made easy!

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We know what works and have developed a formula that is simple and successful. What sets us apart is our focus on the link between mind and body.

Healthy Eating

A well balanced diet will reduce cravings, improve health and assist with weight loss. By joining weightless you will be individually coached to...

Be More Active

Moving more is an important part of the weight loss equation. With Weightless coaching you will build your exercise to meet your lifestyle and...

Change Your Mindset

Is your thinking causing weight gain or hindering your weight loss? Weightless coaching can assist you to clear the mind, challenge unhelpful...

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“This is like no other program you’ve tried or heard about. It leads you and gives you the tools and support to achieve the results you want.”

“I used to be an emotional eater. I never expected to become a person who could release my stress through other strategies.  It was exactly what I needed to get myself back on my feet and feel fulfilled again. Not just because I lost weight, but because I now have the confidence to feel like I’m worth it.”

“I’m a whole new person. The program gave me all the tools and motivation to make it happen. I cannot stress enough how much it changes your life.”

Be Happy, Be Healthy:

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How Does Exercise Make us Happy?

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Lose weight – Relax your Body, Calm your Mind: Be Weightless
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